"And by in. The Throne room. It just seems quite odd that ponies from the surface world would visit the Heavens." 

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Darkfire: And it’s LORD DARKFIRE to you, peasant. You’re not worthy of my kindness.

Darkfire: Though, nowadays compliments are rare since I have literally no visitors other than my dearest baby brother and my servant.

Cadaver: Or perhaps it’s your personality, brother… ;;

Cadaver: Darkfire didn’t gain his fiery appearance until his coronation as the Lord of the Dead. Though, he still had his temper…

Double duties can be quite tiring, but there is no one more qualified for either than I…

Darkfire: What? It’s a plausible solution.


Th…Thank you??

This song… I need the name! I need to pirate buy it!

((The song’s name is “The Preyingmantis” by Porcelain Black! c: ))