So, it’s come to my attention that we’ve taken a LONG time to update this blog. Right now, we have 119 messages in our inbox that have remained relatively untouched for about 4 months. We’re really sorry, guys! I’m planning on answering a few questions today, but because more than half are broad enough for both, we have to take time to sort things out. However, I will take some time to answer questions like these.

I don’t mean to sound snippy, but this is a blog run in our free time. When you go to college part-time and work part-time, it’s hard to juggle this and real life. We both work and I, personally, took a summer class that just ended last week. We also have IRL people that we enjoy spending time with. That being said, this blog is not priority. That doesn’t mean, however, that this blog is dead! Trust me on this one, we love these characters and we mean to update this sometime, it’s just a lot of effort and another project on both our plates. Cadaver’s Mod actually did some stuff for the newest pony creator by GeneralZoi (which hasn’t been released beyond an app, yet) and we also work together in another group, so this really is a project we need to set aside time for.

To answer the last question, there are two mods for this blog. Darkfire’s mod and Cadaver’s mod. I guess, I should make a page about the mods, huh? Either way, Darkfire’s mod will be named Brit from now on, here Cadaver’s mod will be named Emi. We are BritishMindslave and Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS on dA, respectively. Sorry we didn’t put that info before!

Now, I’m really sorry that we haven’t updated. Again, since most of the questions don’t directly address one or the other, or a LOT of them are actually for Cadaver, it’s difficult for us to answer them all at once (since the ones that have to do with both are a collaboration). Thank you for your patience and hello to people who have watched us recently. Thank you for putting up with our sparse updates! We hope to get more stuff up as soon as possible! uvu


Why in the name of all things right and wrong in the world would I date my own cousin?! I find her to be a pest, anyway.

Artist 1:

((Welcome back, boys!

Terribly sorry for such a long haitus. Procrastination is a terrible disease. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more of these. <3 ))

Do I smell watermelon…?

((Artist 2 apologises!

Hey, guys, sorry we haven’t had any updates. xD We’ve been pretty busy with commissions.

We’ll be back on track soon! Promise~! ))

Please do not provoke him, though. He gets a little grumpy.

I couldn’t have done too much without her. She was a big help in distracting Cousin Celestia.

SOME ponies know how to greet a lord!

I prefer to work alone. Mares get in my way, tripping over themselves in a love-drunk stupor all the time. Honestly, my beauty is something they cannot behold.